Membership of the AAIN is open to academic and professional staff working in the higher education sectors in Australia and New Zealand. It brings together people with roles in

  • student academic integrity practice, as educators or professional staff involved in promoting integrity, and detecting or responding to suspected academic misconduct
  • academic integrity policy development, implementation, and review
  • academic integrity research.

Benefits of becoming an AAIN member

  • Links with people with similar academic integrity roles in other institutions
  • Sharing good practice
  • Seeking advice
  • Getting access to the latest information on academic integrity
  • Benchmarking your academic integrity practices and policies
  • Knowing about academic integrity events in Australia, New Zealand and internationally

Becoming a member

  1. Membership is open to academic and professional staff with roles in student academic integrity practice, policy and/or research in higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand.
  2. To become a member, please complete the application fields below
    • Your name – give us your preferred name, and your surname in CAPITALS (e.g. John SMITH)
    • Your institutional email address – the AAIN will register only formal institutional email addresses, not personal addresses; it should normally contain ‘’ or ‘’.
    • Your institution
    • Your campus location – major city, not suburb (e.g. Brisbane, Wellington, Perth, Adelaide, Wagga Wagga, Launceston)
    • A brief statement of your role and how it relates to academic integrity policy, practice or research. This is not meant to be a CV – save that for LinkedIn. About 100 words and written in the third person. An example of a (fictitious) member entry is provided below.
  3. By submitting your application for membership, you are agreeing that your name, institution, institutional email address and member profile will be available to other members of the AAIN.
  4. After your membership is approved, you will be notified of this outcome, and an AAIN administrator will register your email address on the AAIN server, grant you access to the Members section of the website and provide you with advice on how to access the Members Only features of the Network.
*View the fictitious member entry

University of Australia
Location: Sydney
Jen is a lecturer in the School of Nursing and plays a key role as the School’s academic integrity contact person. She has a focus on effective implementation of UoA’s academic integrity policies and procedures, including support for students and staff, and fair, transparent and effective processes for responding to suspected breaches of academic integrity. She has a particular interest in how UoA should respond to the threats to integrity posed by unauthorised and inappropriate use of Gen-AI tools; she is a member of a group of academic staff considering how learning and assessment should be re-conceptualised in light of this threat.

Updating your membership details

Many members will change roles within their institutions or move to a new institution. We want to keep our membership database up to date, so please use the Membership application panel below to update your details.

Withdrawing from the Network

Many members will change roles within their institutions or move to a new institution and no longer work in the area of academic integrity.  If you want to cancel your membership of the Network, please use the Membership application section below and in the ‘role statement’ section, just let us know that you wish to cease to be a member.

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