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Fostering Academic Integrity through Peer Mentoring Programs: An Examination of On-Campus ‘Influencers’ and ‘Intervenors’ at Griffith College

Inez Chai
Student Success and Retention Co-ordinator, Griffith College
Karen McRae, Manager Academic Education, Navitas Pty Ltd
This roundtable discussion critically examines the impact of Griffith College’s peer mentoring programs, namely Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) and Mates, on academic integrity. These programs are designed to cultivate a supportive atmosphere, instil a sense of responsibility in students, and develop essential work-ready skills. Empirical evidence indicates that learning environments fostering a strong sense of belonging are associated with a reduction in academic misconduct (Fudge et. al., 2022).

The primary focus of this discussion centres on the innovative Mates program, which engages students in the Student Liaison Committee (SLC), and functions as a feedback mechanism, facilitating continuous improvement in enhancing academic integrity throughout the campus, whilst serving as a vital connection point with students. Insights gained from interviews with mentors reveal that students in leadership positions acting as role models exhibit a heightened sense of responsibility towards academic integrity, which permeates through their peers, with Mates acting as influencers and PALs as intervenors.

Thus far, research findings underscore the pivotal role of student partnership and peer mentoring programs in fostering academic integrity among students. Attendees will gain invaluable insights on the transformative potential of peer influence and mentorship, and its positive influence on student behaviour and attitudes towards academic integrity.

Discussion starters:
  • How can institutions further enhance peer mentoring programs to maximise their impact on academic integrity?
  • Are there any challenges in implementing such programs, and how can they be overcome?
  • What other strategies can be combined with student partnership and peer mentoring to create a more comprehensive approach to promoting academic integrity on campus?

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