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Balancing Innovation and Integrity: embedding the ethical use gen-AI in course design

Kat Alchin
Learning Designer, The University of Adelaide

Richard McInnes, Georgia Forrest, Aaron Honson, Mark Carandang, Rosemarie Fonseka, Danielle Lemieux, Ajay Kulkarni.
Learning Enhancement and Innovation team, The University of Adelaide.

Background: Institutions have defined principles for gen-AI use through the lens of student academic integrity. Yet, there is a lack of clarity around ethical and best practice use for course design and development. The rapid growth of freely available gen-AI tools necessitates ethical and best-practice guidelines.
Aim: To develop a set of best-practice guidelines to ensure responsible use of gen-AI tools and establish consistent standards across the institution.
What was done and why: Third-space professionals applied ethical best-practice principles to use cases for gen-AI in course design and development. The guidelines were flexible, practical, not temporal–they need to apply to any current and future tools. They identified practical processes where or how gen-AI use might be appropriate in course development workflows.
Recommendations and Findings: A set of overarching principles were developed for gen-AI use in course design and development. Alongside the principles, a practical guide was developed for staff to understand how to best apply these principles within their own contexts. This guide enables staff to identify when and where work could be enhanced or made more efficient through the use of gen-AI, in line with best practice principles. These guidelines also help identify what gaps in policy or practice may exist so they can be addressed.

Discussion starters:
  • In your department or institution, how are staff supported to identify appropriate ways in which to implement, or in some cases, not to implement gen-AI into their course design and development workflows?
  • In your department or institution, do you feel that staff have clear pathways for knowledge sharing around the best practice use of gen-AI?
  • In your department or institution, do you feel that staff have clear pathways for reporting misuse of gen-AI within course design and development?

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