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Academic Integrity Awareness Week: Student Leaders at the Forefront

Claudia Gottwald
Academic Integrity Skills Officer, The University of Adelaide

This submission highlights the crucial role of a volunteer group of Student Leaders, the Academic Integrity Ambassadors, in driving Academic Integrity Awareness Week at The University of Adelaide. The event, held as part of the university’s commitment to fostering a culture of academic integrity, featured a range of engaging activities and initiatives.
Student Leaders played a pivotal role in organising a dynamic launch event with a student-led workshop, interactive Pop-Up stalls with games and an engaging online quiz. Additionally, they successfully utilised social media to reach and engage students across the campus community.
An essential aspect of the event’s success was the collaborative effort between staff and students in planning and supporting Academic Integrity Awareness Week. A staff-student planning workshop with a student panel, named “IntegriTea,” facilitated productive discussions, further enhancing the impact of the week-long event.
This digital poster presentation celebrates the impact of Student Leaders at the forefront of Academic Integrity Awareness Week and emphasises the importance of ongoing staff-student collaboration in upholding ethical standards. It will be of interest to those looking for practical ways to work together to bring key academic integrity awareness messages to a broad cohort of students.

Discussion starters:
  • How can we further empower and support Student Leaders in their role as advocates for academic integrity throughout the year, beyond such an event?
  • Reflect on opportunities at our institution to organise similar events? What would you need to consider/adapt for your context?
  • In what ways can universities collaborate more effectively with Student Leaders as active partners?

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