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Academic Integrity as Civic Value: Thoughts on Generative AI in Criminology

Ian Warren
Chair, Academic Integrity, Faculty of Arts and Education, Senior Lecturer in Criminology
I adopt a macro view of integrity in a discipline that works primarily with written digitised text. The literature informing criminology has changed little since the adoption of Turnitin. During this time, I have seen an inevitable increase in average Turnitin scores that are the by-product of students submitting variations of the same disciplinary knowledge. Generative AI will amplify this level of duplication, unless we critically rethink our roles as ‘knowledge brokers’ in our disciplines. Therefore, in the Arts and Humanities, we need to carefully frame integrity in light of the broader epistemological question: ‘what is the knowledge for?’
This poster argues that integrity must emphasise values in text heavy disciplines. This requires viewing integrity in ways that move beyond duplicated work or correct referencing. Values promote ideas of individuality and authenticity in student learning that transcend specific assessment requirements, which requires holistic thinking on the key purposes of assessment. This means educators in the Arts and Humanities need to reframe our teaching to ensure students learn integrity as a civic value that operates alongside their discipline-based, and extends into their professional lives. This poster explains why this objective is much harder to achieve in large Arts and Humanities disciplines.
Discussion starters:
  • Can the use of Generative AI ever be divorced from the disciplinary context(s) in which we work?
  • How can we harness Generative AI in ways that have true educative value for non-accredited learning?
  • What are we really dealing with when providing a ‘university experience’ and how might Generative AI supplement this to improve assessable written work while preserving the need for universities to provide students with critical discipline-based knowledge and skills?

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