2024 Australasian Academic Integrity Network Forum

The 2024 Forum is coming.

Planning has started for the 2024 Network Forum to be held, most probably, in September 2024. It will be hosted by Curtin University and Deakin University and will build on the success of the 2023 Forum  that had over 1300 registrations.

This free online event provides a forum for sharing knowledge, best practice, and key questions in the challenging and fast-paced field of academic integrity.

The 2023 Forum consisted of keynote speakers, panels, roundtable discussions, digital posters, and case studies/workshops on good practice and we expect that the 2024 Forum will follow a similar structure. The detailed information below will give you an idea of what to expect in 2024.

Download the program for the 2023 Forum.

All keynote speakers, panels and roundtable discussions at the Forum were recorded and these recordings have been made available to those who had registered.

The 2023 Forum was proudly co-hosted by the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.

Key themes

The key themes for the 2023 Forum shaped the roundtable discussions, digital posters, workshops and case studies.

1. Governance, Policy, Procedure, Reporting

  • Academic integrity strategies and strategic plans
  • Leadership in academic integrity
  • Systems, teams and resourcing
  • Evolving policies and procedures
  • Data analysis and trends

2. Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Education

  • Assessment design for academic integrity
  • Programmatic approaches to assessment, academic integrity and assessment security
  • Student leadership and partnership
  • Learning technologies and educative initiatives
  • Diversity, inclusion, student success, and student engagement

3. Technology and Generative AI

  • Working with technologies; opportunities afforded by Gen-AI
  • Digital and academic literacies
  • Detection tools and techniques
  • Embedding the ethical use of Gen AI into teaching, learning and assessment

4. Academic integrity in specific disciplines, non-text issues

  • Mathematics
  • Coding
  • Creative and performance disciplines
  • Images and design

2023 Keynotes and panel sessions

Keynote: Promoting inclusive practice in academic integrity through Universal Design for Learning and creating a culture of academic integrity for everyone

Presenter: Dr Mary Davis PFHEA

Dr Mary DavisDr Davis is Academic Integrity Lead and Principal Lecturer for Education and the Student Experience in the Business School, Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has been a researcher of plagiarism and academic integrity since 2005. She co-authored the study skills book ‘Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism’ and has written book chapters including ‘How much can you copy?’, ‘Inclusion in academic integrity: improving policy, pedagogy and practice’, and a recent IJEI article ‘Examining and improving inclusive practice in institutional academic integrity policies, procedures, teaching and support’. She has led a collaborative project across four universities that joins up academic integrity experts, inclusion experts and students in the development of inclusive teaching resources. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Academic Integrity (ICAI) and was a keynote at the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) Conference 2023.

This session aims to promote inclusive practice in academic integrity through discussion of the following areas:
1. Considering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion issues in academic integrity
2. Embedding UDL guidelines in institutional academic integrity policies
3. Bringing in an educational route to institutional academic conduct procedures
4. Embedding UDL in academic integrity teaching
5. Creating a culture of academic integrity for everyone

Panel: Big Questions in Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity


  • Associate Professor Jason Lodge, University of Queensland
  • Associate Professor Danny Liu, University of Sydney
  • Assistant Professor Tomáš Foltynek, Masaryk University, Czechia
  • Panel Chair: Professor Lisa Hanna, Dean of Students, Deakin University.

Join experts on academic integrity and artificial intelligence for a lively panel discussion on the two AIs. What is front of mind for our panel members, what do they see ahead, and what does this mean for education and integrity?

Student Panel: Navigating integrity through higher education and beyond

  • Kali Ivancevic , University of South Australia
  • Lev Villamar-Hely, University of Waikato   
  • Candice Rego, University of Adelaide
  • Jackson Edwards, Western Sydney University 
  • Panel chairs: Dr Jen Tindale (Western Sydney University) and Claudia Gottlwald (University of Adelaide)

Our student panel explores the experience and perspectives of students from different cohorts as they encounter academic and professional integrity at key stages of their journey through and beyond higher education. Hear directly from students about how to foster a culture of integrity among students and their experience of effective approaches and messages. First and final-year students from different educational backgrounds will share their experience of integrity at key transition points, as they enter higher education and as they prepare to graduate. Students will discuss integrity challenges they have faced at different points in their journey. How do they understand academic integrity and the role of integrity in the workplace? What messages and approaches to integrity most resonate with them?  Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by students who will shape the future of integrity.

Panel: Academic integrity leadership


  • Professor Esther May, Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching and Learning, University of South Australia
  • Professor Jennie Shaw, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic), University of Adelaide
  • Emeritus Professor Bernie Marshall, Deakin University, founder of the Australasian Academic Integrity Network
  • Dr Helen Gniel, Director, Higher Education Integrity Unit, TEQSA
  • Dr Grant Klinkum, Chief Executive, NZQA
  • Professor James Adonopoulos, IHEA Director and Academic Dean of Kaplan Business School
  • Panel Chair: Dr Jasmine Thomas, Associate Director (Academic Integrity & Evaluation), University Southern Queensland

The Academic Integrity Leadership panel will deep-dive into the critical aspects of academic integrity, regulation and change. Our leaders will discuss the role of leadership in managing change, sharing valuable lessons from their own experience. They will explore complex issues and reveal strategies used to maintain compliance and uphold institutional missions. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of academic integrity.


Members of the 2023 Forum Organising Commitee

Host organisation chairs

Amanda Janssen, University of South Australia
Amy Milka, University of Adelaide

Other Committee members:

Adil Abbas, Australia Industrial Systems Institute
Ali Al-Rubaie, Swinburne University of Technology
Bernie Marshall, Deakin University
Carolyn Wolsey, University of Tasmania
Christine Slade, University of Queensland
Clare Singh, Charles Sturt University
Claudia Gottwald, University of Adelaide
David Morgan, Polytechnic Institute Australia
Glenda Hepplewhite, Navitas
Janine Arantes, Victoria University
Jasmine Thomas, University of Southern Queensland,

Jen Tindale, Western Sydney University
Kerry Johnson, University of South Australia
Lara Regterschot, University of Wollongong
Laura Hall, University of Adelaide
Laurine Hurley, Australian Catholic University
Lisa Hanna, Deakin University
Masud Karim, University of South Australia
Michael Collins, Monash University
Rachel Fulton, University of Waikato
Rian Roux, University of Southern Queensland
Tamra Ulpen, University of South Australia

2023 Forum hosts

The 2023 AAIN Academic Integrity Forum is hosted by the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.
The AAIN thanks them for their significant contribution to the event.